The vineyards of “Bodegas Salado” are located in the Aljarafe area of Seville, specifically in the villages of “Huévar del Aljarafe” and “Carrión de los Céspedes”. They are high albarizas lands of great plains and rolling hills that are named for the whitish of the land. Is a white organic loam, rocks rich in calcium carbonate, clay and silica, formed in the Oligocene by sedimentation of waters of and inland sea.

Located at “Huévar del Aljarafe” with vineyards varieties “Garrido Fino” and “Pedro Ximenez”, of which obtain Umbrete´s famous Mosto “M de Salado” and liqueur wine “FINA BLANCA PALOMA”, “ABUELO RAFAEL” and “DON CURRO” and sparkling “UMBRETUM”.

Located in “Carrión de los Céspedes”, are vineyards varieties “Garrido Fino”, “Pedro Ximenez”, “Tempranillo”, “Verdejo”, “Garnacha Blanca”, “Chardonnay” and “Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc”. With these grapes produce wines range “Turdetano”, “Invito” and flavored orange wine “Seville”.

They are extensive vineyards where we enjoyed the natural and striking beauty of its views.